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Reusing obsolete recharging stations by using their unique architecture

The most expensive part of service stations are the underground tanks. We use them to collect organic waste from which is made electricity and thermal energy.

Each household collects its organic waste in a special container which is taken to the former service station. There the organic waste is pumped down with transformed gas pumps.
A sensor measures the potential energy which is credited to the owner.

The underground tanks are emptied once a month and the organic waste is transported by a truck to the biogas plant where electricity and thermal energy is generated. This energy is fed into the national grid.

The circuit is sustainable: households reduce electricity cost, waste is re-used and provides clean energy.
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Organergy GmbH

134 W. 16th Avenue, Third Floor
Anchorage, AH 96521

This concept isn't reality yet and is developed from a student's project in Germany. We are a group of three students in mediadesign at DHBW Ravensburg. If you want to get more

information about this project, us or our college please contact us or follow us on facebook and twitter. We are looking forward to recieving your feedback and helpful suggestions.
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How you can join this project:

Look at our map and find your nearest organergy-station.
There you can buy all equipment you

need to change your organic waste to energy and finally save money and our environment.
Your next station is: Park St, Bristol, Bristol City BS1